I make beautiful art and I tell haunted stories
I write about beauty falling in love with her beast

Of Roses and Bones is the newsletter for the taboo romance author and illustrator Namiin Stone.

This newsletter will be at least a once-a-month affair talking about what's been going on with me and peeks at the projects I'm working on. It will also feature things like early access to illustrated content, first looks at short steamy stories, works in progress on novels and illustrations the public doesn't get, newsletter swaps and other author spotlights, and more!

If you're looking to subscribe right now, then you probably already know what I'm all about. But, if you're not sure: I am an erotic romance author and illustrator with a focus on taboo relationships in my fiction. Specifically, taboo father/daughter (and in general, Guardian/ward) relationships that feature large age gaps (40+ years), romance mixed with familial love, and Domination and submission.

While my inclinations are taboo and forbidden romance, I do not consider my work very dark in the way dark romance readers might expect. The couples I write consent with every fiber of their being, and while they might face darkness and cruelty together, there is rarely darkness as an obstacle between them.

I have a multitude of characters that I'd like to do things with in the future, but right now my main focus as a writer and illustrator is on the pair of characters Ila and her father Idris, and it has been for the last few years.

They are the ones you will become most familiar with over the course of subscribing to my newsletter, and I hope you fall in love with them as much as I have over the years!